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We live in an age where technology is so advanced that the need to business travel has massively decreased. Technology with the likes of Google Hangout, Slack, Skype and a host of other digital mediums has made it quite unnecessary. No longer do we have to travel to a different office, area, region, or country in order to conduct business. This can now all easily be achieved through a screen.

That said; there are certain things that just can’t be achieved with the use of technology and the need to travel for business is still very necessary for millions of businesses. Sometimes some of us need to get on the plane grab a chauffeur and get to the meeting.

Although you might see travel as an added expense, the following are some of the reasons why travelling for business is still super important in this digital age…


If you are closing a deal or getting new clients

When it comes to closing an important deal, signing contracts and getting new clients, it’s important to have a personal interaction with the person on the other end of the deal. In fact, you are more likely to be successful in your endeavours if you are there as a face-to-face representative rather than interacting over a screen.

Fortune 100 companies set this important precedent in their business, and most of them will not sign a contract if they don’t have a meeting between the leaders of the two parties.


You never know whom you are going to meet while you are travelling, and all your chance meetings could turn into an opportunity for business networking. You may meet someone on a train or plane, at a restaurant or airport, or even at your hotel.

Some of these people could turn into potential clients, business partners, or suppliers; all of whom you would never have met if you had been stuck behind your computer in the office.

Finding new ideas

People conduct business in different ways all over the world and travelling is an excellent opportunity for you to identify new trends and markets, and see how other people and cultures conduct their business.

Being in the same office with the same peoples can limit our thinking or creativity. The shared information bias occurs when a group only discuss topics everybody is familiar with and therefore avoid new information unusual ideas.

You may be able to identify a new way to serve customers, find a new target market or adopt a different set of services – all from seeing a new way of running business in a different place or country. Sometimes travelling allows you to get new experiences, open your mind to new ideas and helps you to come up with more creative and effective business campaigns.

New resources and employees

Sometimes we get stuck in an insular view of our business, and tend to stick to the local skills on offer. However, sometimes there is better people and skills out there that will be more beneficial to your company.

By travelling you may be able to identify new resources, materials, or employees that will bring a new perspective or perhaps a more cost effective approach for your company.

It gets you out of the office and a fresh perspective

Life can become incredibly mundane when you are in the same office every day and stuck behind your computer screen. This often has an adverse effect on creativity and drive. By travelling you are giving yourself much needed time away from the office, and the opportunity to find new creative inspiration away from your computer screen.

Business travel may seemed to be the accelerate of many technologies, such as video conferencing and Slack. However, the value that face to face contact still brings to a business is second to none