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A new day in the life of a chauffeur can bring new encounters with people from all over the world, from all walks of life – business people, global tourists and travellers, brides and grooms, young debutantes, girlie get-togethers, even celebrities.

A chauffeur is so much more than just a driver to any of these passengers. When a chauffeur driven car is hired, there are lots of expectations that need to be met. They are, after all, your personal driver, so you should receive a personal service.

Let’s explore some of the most important responsibilities of chauffeurs;

Ensuring impeccable etiquette

A chauffeur must dress to impress, in a suit or a uniform, complementing the luxurious appearance of the car they are driving. They must adhere to all instructions from their passengers and respect the privacy of passengers by not engaging in conversation unless they are invited to do so by the passenger.

They must not use any inappropriate language and remain calm in stressful situations. They must be quick to open passenger doors as they wish to enter and exit the vehicle. They should also offer to take any luggage from them or place them into storage in the car.

This impeccable level of etiquette delivers the comfortable, luxurious, hassle-free experience expected by passengers travelling in a chauffeur driven car.

Navigational planning

Chauffeurs aren’t like taxi drivers running up a meter. Getting to where their passengers need to go as soon as possible is a priority so they cannot be content to sit in traffic. A chauffeur needs to be very familiar with the area in which they are driving, and they should not be reliant on a satellite navigation system.

They will need to be updated with roadworks, weather and traffic reports so that they can advise passengers in advance of any potential delays and suggest alternative routes. They should be aware of the location of any coffee shops, restaurants or other important amenities that their passengers may request to utilise along the way.

Vehicle maintenance

The vehicle should be in spotless condition for all passengers. It is the responsibilities of the chauffeur to ensure that the vehicle is subject to regular valeting and inspected and cleared after every trip.

The mechanical condition of the vehicle should also be regularly maintained. A flat tyre, breakdown, or locking system malfunction etc. can cause a major disruption to a passenger’s trip not to mention completely deter from the seamless service they expect in getting them from pick-up point to destination.

Keeping in line with the law

Chauffeurs must abide by road safety laws at all times, even when under pressure to reach a destination within a given time period. Passengers have the right to feel completely safe at all times whilst in the vehicle.

Never can they allow their strife to deliver or over deliver for a passenger to result in them breaking the law. They cannot facilitate any requests from passengers which involve illegal activities such as drugs, weapons, under-age alcohol requests. They must also ensure that all legal driving requirements are up to date in terms of insurance, vehicle taxation and testing, licencing etc. too.

Operating as a personal chauffeur is a profession with many responsibilities. However, with these responsibilities comes the satisfaction of delivering a truly exceptional experience with every trip, whether for business or pleasure, sight-seeing or shopping.