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You may have put extensive thought into what to say to your chauffeur driver, but have you considered what not to say? Chauffeur drivers hear a lot of things in their travels, but not all things said are positive nor do they make their jobs easier.

In fact, it’s more common than you might think for people to ask on meeting a chauffeur the kinds of questions that should’ve been discussed when organising to use their services. Or questions that clearly indicate a lack of respect for the chauffeur and their time. Or questions that are just plain frustrating.

Inconveniencing a chauffeur can only lead to inconveniencing yourself, particularly when delays are caused. Don’t be one of those people. Read this list and avoid saying these things next time you require the services of a chauffeur:


  • Can I put this on the front seat?

Have you noticed that the car you’re about to get into is not a taxi? Putting your bag or other items on the front seat is the equivalent of putting your feet up on the seat while riding public transport.

It’s in bad taste and disrespects those around you. Chauffeurs will often offer to take your bag and place it in the boot, so take advantage of that service instead.


  • We have an extra person to fit in. Is that okay?

The addition of unexpected passengers can impact the car size used and that requires forethought and planning. So, no, it’s not okay. Additional passengers may also incur an additional fee with some chauffeur services, which if you have paid ahead of time will be even more inconvenient and time-wasting.


  • Sorry; I don’t need your services after all.

Don’t bother hiring a chauffeur if you’re going to change your plans on the go. If your friend has offered you a lift, that’s great but organise it before you waste a chauffeur’s time. Even with non-refundable deposits, money can be lost from a last-minute cancellation as other plans cannot always be made so quickly.

Providing the best-priced services often means exact calculations on travel and transport times, and disrupting these can put a chauffeur service out of more money than you may think.


  • Was this broken before?

Part of chauffeuring involves regular upkeep of the vehicle being driven. Even between rides, a chauffeur will check that everything is clean and in working order. If something is broken, you’re probably the one who did it.


  • I left something in the car. Can you come and drop it off?

At an additional cost, possibly. Dropping off forgotten items costs fuel and time and potentially other work. If you’re a forgetful person, mention it at the start of the drive and ask to be reminded as you leave the vehicle to take your items. While also a frustrating thing for a chauffeur to hear, it will come across much better than a request to drop off something left behind.


  • Are we there yet?

Chauffeurs are not your parents. Joking “are we there yet?” is not as amusing as you might think. Remember that this is a professional service and while friendly conversation is perfectly fine, a certain level of courtesy is expected from both parties.


As with most things, if you don’t want a sarcastic answer, don’t ask a stupid question. Be respectful, and it will pay off in the services you receive. Remember that chauffeurs are there to do a service for you, and the easier and more pleasant you make their work for them, the better and more pleasant their work for you will be.