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Whether you travel regularly for business or you just like to consistently jet set for pleasure or leisure, the following are 5 things you need to have as a frequent traveller:

  • Reputable Transport Provider

First and foremost, you need to consider what mode of transport you will take when abroad. There are many different types to choose from but it’s important that you choose a reputable one that you can trust.

Whether you are in town on business, taking a city leisure break or enjoying an extended stay, you need to have reputable transport contacts. Arriving to a new destination knowing you will be met by a knowledgeable, reliable chauffeur or driver once you collect your bags will make all of the difference to your stay.

Local transport can be unreliable and it can take some time to get to where you need to go, especially if you don’t speak the native language. It is therefore essential that you keep driver cards at hand or book a chauffeur service online in advance of your trip.


    1. Vacuum Luggage Bags

      Accountability for fees for additional luggage aside, if you travel frequently, you don’t constantly want to be packing, un-packing and lugging about additional luggage cases. That’s why you need to learn to make the most of your carry-on luggage. Your compact carry-on can accommodate everything you need for a trip if you make use of vacuum luggage bags.

      There’s no reason why you can’t fit enough day, evening and footwear for each day and night of your trip into your carry on with smart use of vacuum luggage bags, which work by removing air and sucking soft clothes down to a more compact size.


  • GoTenna

Wherever it is you are flying to, the last thing you want is to lose mobile/cell service, especially if on a business trip. Mobile device connectivity isn’t quite as reliable as you are used to in various global destinations so you need to always have a back-up option.

Devices like GoTenna keep Android and Apple phones connected when mobile/cell service is otherwise out of reach, utilising Bluetooth technology to ensure you can continue to send messages and share your location.


    1. High Powered Portable Chargers

      Not only do frequent travellers need to keep their phones connected to network services, they also need to ensure they can keep the power charged. If you’re regularly on-the-go, you will need to invest in a decent quality, high powered portable power bank (and not just one that provides a two hour power charge).

      You’ll need a portable power bank with at least 20,000 mAh, capable of powering both your phone and laptop multiple times across the course of your trip.


  • Luggage Locks

Luggage locks have always been a staple item for frequent travellers and now they offer greater security than ever before – some are lockable remotely and others even require fingerprint access!

When travelling you’ll find your luggage is often left in baggage holds, storage desks, hotel rooms, etc. and within that luggage are some highly valuable items so you need to ensure they stay secure. Hence, they are an absolute must-have for frequent travellers.


The fast-paced, frequent flyer lifestyle can be smooth and stress-free once you take heed of our 5 key travel essentials. Happy travels!