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When choosing a car to be chauffeured in, style and comfort is what matters. Whether for personal use, a short trip to Dublin Airport or a business meeting, there is a world of luxury cars to choose from.

These cars are packed with bonus extras and additional features, so let’s dive into detail about the most popular cars that are driven by chauffeurs…


  1. Rolls Royce Phantom
  2. Very few cars have as much presence and style as a Rolls Royce. The Phantom VIII updates the Rolls Royce line with features such as active cruise control, night vision, laser headlights, a Heads-Up Display, and a built-in WiFi hotspot.

    In the rear, the configurable back seats can be easily adjusted to face slightly inwards, both increasing leg space and improving intimacy for conversation.


  3. Mercedes Benz S Class
  4. Perhaps the most iconic luxury car, the Mercedes Benz S Class has a distinctive and classic look. All interior finishes are made from genuine leather and metal, with no plastic parts or veneers.

    The S Class uniquely features Mercedes’ new Magic Body Control, an active suspension system that uses camera data from two small stereo cameras near the headlights to read the road and minutely adjust suspension to ensure the best possible ride.

    The rear has an entertainment system and massage enabled chairs as added options.


  5. Audi A8 L
  6. The Audi A8 L features night vision and Matrix LED headlights that alter the precise shape and strength of the headlight beam in response to road conditions. These special headlights can even detect and highlight pedestrians or larger animals.

    In the back, it has reclining seats with power foot rests and massage options, sunshades, rear power adapters, a sunroof, entertainment display, and four-zone climate control. Extras include fold-out tables and a small refrigerator.


  7. Range Rover SVAutobiography
  8. A larger luxury option, the Range Rover SVAutobiography has a massive variety of additional extras and is highly customisable.

    These include reclining rear seats, a USB hub, a chiller compartment, power close rear doors, powered deployable tray tables, 10.2-inch screens, and a Meridian stereo system with 3D audio technology.


  9. Jaguar XJ LWB
  10. The Jaguar XJ LWB has a powerful look with advanced technology. Predictive headlights detect oncoming vehicles and automatically adjusts the beams, a built-in touchscreen can sync with your phone and provide access to your apps and music, and a retractable sunroof with UV-filtering glass illuminates the vehicle.

    The on-board entertainment system not only comes with Meridian audio, but wireless earphones for quiet and privacy. The system can store 100GB of media and access local digital TV stations, and it also serves as a 4G WiFi hotspot.


  11. Lexus LS
  12. The Lexus LS has a sleek exterior design and a smooth, high-class interior. The 22-way power rear seats can be adjusted for precision comfort and have a built-in shiatsu massage option. The 11.6-inch rear screens attach to an entertainment system with a Blu-Ray player, as well as SD card, HDMI, and USB connectors.

    Four-zone climate control allows every seat have its own temperature, and the interior materials include such high-end designs as Shimamoku Espresso wood, which is made through a 67-step layering process.


Whatever car you choose, there’s something out there to match your personal style, needs and budget, so take some time to look at the options above when it comes to booking your next chauffeur service.