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Airport lounges are the calm oasis amidst the busy storm of human traffic found inside most major airports around the world. Access to the lounge is usually offered as an incentive to purchase first or business class tickets. But what if you want the perks without the price? That’s the question this will answer.

Always Look The Part

Many lounges operate a strict dress code, and it isn’t unheard of for staff to turn away people who are otherwise fully qualified for perceived violations of the dress code. If you’re already travelling on business, it’s not a bad idea to dress like you are, even if your first port of call on arrival will be the golf course.

Don’t Try To Bluff Your Way In

Nothing sets the teeth of an airline staff member’s on edge quite like that worn out line, “Don’t you know who I am?”

If you’re not qualified to be in the lounge, pulling rank won’t get you in. Bluffing is even worse, and could get you into serious trouble. So don’t do these things, because they’re not necessary.

You Can Buy Your Way In

If you look like you belong in the lounge, many airlines and other lounge operators will let you in for a fee. While there’s an additional cost involved, if you were already planning on having a meal and a few drinks before the flight, the cost of lounge entry will probably work out to around the same or even less.

This is because food and drinks outside the lounge are usually way over-priced, while inside the lounge they’re free. All the additional perks that come with lounge access add up to real value, so it can be well worth parting with a little cash to enjoy these perks.

Do be aware, though, that as a cash-paying customer, you’re actually at the bottom of the barrel, and if the lounge is already crowded with people who are pre-qualified to be there, you’ll still be turned away.

Join The Club

There are many other ways to get into the lounge, including membership in various reward schemes such as frequent flier rewards, and independent clubs like Priority Pass. The latter can be better, even though it may cost more, because it doesn’t tie you to any particular airline or affiliate group.

This is best suited to those who do genuinely fly frequently. If you use a credit card, especially one issued by an airline, you may even get bonus frequent flier miles for your membership purchase.

Credit Cards Can Smooth The Way

Many travellers don’t realise their credit card may actually include lounge access privileges in various airports around the world. It is really worth investigating what incentives your credit card provider offers.

Typically, even though a debit card looks similar to a credit card and may be issued by the same provider, it won’t include the privileges that come with a genuine credit card.

It’s really not difficult at all

As with so many things, it’s not really a difficult task, as there are many ways to achieve it. The problem is that there’s a perception that it will be difficult. In a way, this is something that works in your favor, as it means there is more chance of space being available. Continue the treating yourself and pre-book a car too meet you, flying wont be the same again

If you’re not travelling often, paying as you go is probably best. For frequent fliers, buying annual memberships can be more economical. Both classes of traveller will potentially benefit from taking a good look into what additional perks may be provided by their credit cards.