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Transport is a system used to move people or goods from one place to another. There are various modes of transport including air, rail, sea and road. Arriving in a strange city, especially after dark, can be a challenging enough experience at the best of times. One of the things you can do to make it a lot easier is to pre-arrange a private airport transfer. If you forget to do this, then your other choice is public transport. Although there is nothing wrong with public transport, it is quicker and more efficient to have your travel arranged before your arrival. This is especially important if your flight gets in late and public transport is is no longer operating for the night.

Having said this; it is important to know the difference between public and private transport:

Public Transport

Buses, trains and metros are all classified as public transfers as it’s a mode of transport in which a number of people share. These types of transport all have their own schedules because they pass specific routes at certain times throughout the day. Usually run by the State, the only advantage of this type of transport is that they are relatively cheap and everyone using the service are charged equally. However, they are often overpacked and stuffy, particularly during the summer months. Furthermore, drivers will not wait for you if you’re running late and buses often don’t stop if they are overpacked.

Private Transport

In contrast to public transfers, with private transfers you don’t share the vehicle with others. The only people you share it with is the driver and your friends/family/colleagues. Normally, chauffeurs or executive cars are rented for private use, but buses and train carriages may also be used privately if you have a big party (although these cost more).

Private transfers have the following advantages over using public trains, buses, etc:

  • Saves time – You’ll never be waiting for your driver as they will be the ones waiting for you. If you arrive by flight, the driver knows what flight you’re on and when you will be landing. Your private driver also knows exactly where you need to go and will know the shortest route so you’ll arrive at your destination on time.
  • Safe – Drivers are subject to very strict background checks, licensing requirements, and must have vehicles that meet strict standards. Gaining employment as a professional chauffeur is not easy.
  • Comfortable – As you don’t share with the general public there is more space for you to take advantage of. Seats are also often made of leather and are more comfortable than public transport.
  • Concierge service – It often comes with a concierge service if it is a chauffeur you have chosen as your mode of transport. If you are in need of concert tickets, dry cleaning or restaurant reservations then your driver is more than happy to help.
  • Accountability – With chauffeurs, limos and executive cars, the parent company knows exactly which driver has been assigned to transport a customer. Cameras are also often installed in these cars. Therefore, the risk of driver misconduct is greatly reduced compared with regular taxi services, where random drivers randomly pick up random passengers.
  • Personal service – The driver already knows who you are and will introduce himself/herself, assist you with your luggage, and will make every reasonable effort to make sure your journey is a pleasant one.
  • Professionalism – Drivers are thoroughly professional. They are totally committed to driving you to where you want to go, with no other thought in mind than doing that one thing exceptionally well.

The advantages listed above should not be considered an exhaustive list, but they do give some idea of how private transport services are superior in numerous ways. If it’s cost you’re worried about then have no fear. What you’ll have to pay is not much more than public transport services, and may actually cost less in certain circumstances.

For all these reasons, and many more, it makes perfect sense to book a private transfer for your next business trip.