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Image: Stress by Firesam! [CC BY-ND 2.0], via Flicker

Whether you travel often or have never flown before, airports can be a stressful place. They can be crowded and unfamiliar places, and problems such as delays and security checks can pop up out of nowhere.

Planning a trip is only the beginning; it’s not until you make it to the other end that you can really relax. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the stress of airports, and we’ll walk you through them.


  • Preparation

Long before the day of your trip, plan out all the things you’ll need. Making a list can help you keep track of things and put your mind at ease when worrying if you’ve forgotten anything.

The night before, make sure that you have everything set up and ready to go before you go to sleep. Pack your bags and do any last-minute tidying so that in the morning all you have to worry about is having breakfast, grabbing your luggage, and walking out the door.


  • Flexibility

Even the most thorough preparations can fall apart when the unexpected happens. In case of delays, bring a book or another way to pass the time while you wait. And even if nothing goes wrong, expect to spend a fair amount of time waiting and factor this extra time into your plans.

You may be pleasantly surprised when the time goes by faster than you thought it would. See if there are any ways to spend time nearby, such as visiting shops or cafes.

Remember, you’ll get to your destination in the end so be flexible with how you spend your time while in transit.


  • Contingencies

Modern technology gives us many ways to make things smoother and save time. E-tickets, for example, can be accessed from any device you own and can remove the worry about losing a paper ticket.

Traveller’s insurance can protect you against unforeseen circumstances that may otherwise result in you losing money on your ticket, and they can often be expanded to include luggage insurance in case of lost bags.

Insurance can help remove some of the stress of travel by letting you know that even if the worst happens, you’ll be covered.


  • Chauffeur services

To avoid leaving your car in airport parking, hire a driver. Whether you’re making a short or long trip, it can be stressful to think about your car’s condition in an unfamiliar place while you’re far away.

A chauffeur car can be the safer and cheaper option—not to mention they can be a pleasant experience in their own right, allowing you to relax on the drive or make any last-minute checks while you travel in luxury.


  • Be mindful of others

When travelling, remember that the people around you are going through the same stressful time you are. A little bit of kindness and understanding can not only keep you calmer but also contribute to a more relaxed and positive atmosphere for everyone.

If you feel up to it, strike up a conversation with your neighbour. You may find a pleasant companion for your flight, or at least have a friendly greeting and amiable silence.


Taking the stress out of your flying experience revolves around preparing yourself beforehand and during and taking full advantage of whatever services are available to make your trip easier and more pleasant.