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Chauffeuring is about more than just driving people to their destination. The best chauffeurs also provide sophisticated and personalised services to ensure their clients have all of their needs taken care of.

Important business people can have a variety of different needs and expectations that may not be immediately obvious so, in this article, we’re going to cover some of the top tips to keep in mind when chauffeuring important clients;


  • Rule #1: Use Discretion

While some clients may have a high social media presence, that doesn’t mean they want their location advertised. While it may seem obvious to avoid posting or announcing who is being chauffeured, there are other concerns that might be missed.

Avoid communicating or linking them on social media, even casually, unless otherwise told it is acceptable. A single ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ can be enough to connect your service to them.

Next, avoid having markings or logos on the car. This appears low-class to some people and can further advertise your client’s presence. Finally, while the chauffeur should always be well-dressed, there are occasions where a subtler approach should be taken.


  • Rule #2: Be Professional

When interacting with your important clients, it is vital to remember that they often live very different lives to most people. Appropriate professional manner is essential. Chauffeurs may need training in correct procedures and company policy to ensure they represent your business adequately.

In general, good people skills are important to determine how someone might want to be interacted with. Some clients may prefer quiet professionalism, while others might enjoy a good conversation. Regardless, it is important to be polite and to let the client lead the conversation.

It is also key to remember to do all the small things that may be expected of a chauffeur such as opening and closing doors, driving smoothly and calmly, never walking in front of the car and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness for the vehicle, both inside and out.


  • Rule #3: Offer a Concierge Service

Many chauffeurs may not offer a concierge service but offering this to your more important clients will impress them. Most clients may only be in the city for a short period of time so may not have the time to do simple tasks such as making restaurant reservations or picking up their dry cleaning. By going above and beyond, it will leave them well impressed and increase the likely hood of them returning to use your service.


  • Rule #4: Prepare for the Unexpected

Preparation is always the key to a smooth and professional experience. For example, while smartphone navigation software is universal these days, it can detract from the chauffeuring experience if the driver is constantly checking where they are going. Learning the route and potential alternatives is important, and a good knowledge of the local area is essential, even if GPS navigation is also available.

Having water and food on offer is not always essential, but a small supply of healthy snacks and cool water can be an added bonus. Any small fridges or similar appliances should, of course, be kept clean and well-stocked.

While unlikely, the possibility of an accident or other emergency does always exist. While it is preferred to avoid any issues while chauffeuring a client, when the unexpected happens, being prepared can go a long way to mitigating any setbacks. Having a first aid kit, maps and other emergency supplies is important, as is basic training for emergency situations.


Important clients often expect more from the services they hire but professionalism, preparation and discretion will go a long way in ensuring that they appreciate your service and use your business time and time again.