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For most people, the amount of traffic that they meet on their daily commute can make or break their day in terms of mood. Whether you miss that morning meeting or you’re in too much of a rush to grab a coffee before going into the office because of traffic, starting your day off on the wrong foot can leave you feeling like you’re behind for the entire day.

If you’re looking for a way to beat the traffic on your daily commute to work, the following are some of our top tips for doing just that;

  • Take the Train

Depending on where you live in Dublin, taking public transport can sometimes be more reliable and a lot quicker than driving. The train is ideal as you won’t have to deal with traffic at all and, instead, you can sit back and catch up on the morning’s news in comfort.


  • Hire a Personal Driver

If you want to avoid the stress of taking public transport and you don’t want to arrive at work feeling like a sweaty mess after cycling or walking, the best thing to do is hire a someone, such as a chauffeur, to take you to work. Many big companies do this when they have important businesspeople they want to impress. 

Chauffeurs will know all of the quickest routes across Dublin city so you can just sit back and get yourself ready for the day ahead without having to worry about a thing.


  • Walk (if Possible)

Try to walk wherever possible as most commutes involve lots of sitting down. Whether it’s walking to the train station or getting your driver to drop you off around the corner from work, we suggest taking a look at your options for getting to work and see if you can get some walking in.

Not only will this leave you sitting in traffic for less time but walking will also make you feel good and help to set your day off on the right note. If you walk to work every morning and evening, it also saves a huge amount on public transport. 


  • Take your Bike

It’s time to start pedalling! If you can’t cycle the whole way to work consider cycling to the train or bus station instead and leaving your bike there for the day.

Studies have shown that people who cycle to work take fewer sick days than those who drive or take the train. Getting in a bit of daily exercise will also keep your health in check and make sure to wear your cycling helmet!


  • Leave Earlier or Later

Most people in Dublin work within the normal working hours of 9-5, which means we’re all trying to get into the city centre at the same time.

This is what causes the major backlogs so try to leave a little earlier or even later if possible to avoid the gridlock. Try asking your company for some flexi-time around your work hours and this will leave you with the option of leaving and returning to your home at a different time than everyone else.


  • Plan Your Route

Make sure to plan the easiest and quickest route before you leave for work each day and take the quickest way possible to avoid the traffic.

Do take the backroads to work if possible as it may cut down on the time you have to spend being bumper to bumper with other commuters. Also, investing in a sat nav or using Google Maps on your phone is a good choice as it will tell you the quickest route to take each morning.


  • Check up on AA Road Watch

Before leaving for work, take time to check your area for traffic congestion or road accidents. This information will usually be read out on your local radio station so stay tuned in on the way into work to catch any updates on delays that might affect you.