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Opening doors for celebs as they step out onto the red carpet – that right there is probably the first thing people think of when they hear the word “chauffeur”. This immediate thought lends itself to the most common perception that people have about chauffeurs and who uses them. The misconception that chauffeurs are a service reserved for the rich and famous couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, there are a lot of chauffeurs out there – celebrities and the uber rich couldn’t possibly keep them all in business!

Lots of different people use chauffeur services, and we’ve decided to profile some of the most frequent users – and there’s not a celebrity in sight!

Those who want to make an impression

You’ve got a big client or investor meeting and want to make a lasting impression from the get-go. What do you do? Pull up to the meeting venue in a chauffeur driven luxury car.

With a chauffeur, you will be guaranteed to arrive on time and in style. Business professionals seeking to make an impression are among the most frequent users of chauffeur services – perception is incredibly important in the business world after all and a professional chauffeur can be especially convenient if the business meeting leads to drinks!

Those who use chauffeurs to make an impression aren’t just business professionals. It’s also a common service for those who want to be a big hit with a special date or surprise their other half!

Those who want to feel special

When you’ve got a big occasion and want to feel special, a chauffeur driven car is one of those extra touches that can help you achieve that.

Your wedding day, an anniversary, a graduation night, birthday outings, girlie trips – a chauffeur driven car provides that taste of luxury that makes you feel special. Besides, when you’re enjoying a special day out, why add the hassle and stress of driving?

Those who want some company

When travelling in an unfamiliar location, having your own chauffeur ensures you never get lonely. As you set about your adventures or get down to business, travelling from location to location, it’s nice to have a familiar face welcoming you at the door each time, transporting you from point A to point B.

When travelling alone or in a city or country you’ve never been to, it’s great to have someone to chat to during all of your trips.

Those who want to make use of travelling time

If you’re on a tight schedule, hiring a chauffeur driven car can help you to make the best use of your time. Rather than wasting time trying to hail a cab or looking out for your stop on public transport, you can use your travelling time to make calls in private, catch up on your e-mails or on work, read over notes or prepare for a meeting. Even if each trip is just a 15 to 20 minute ride, it’s amazing how much can get done if using a chauffeur to make each of those trips.

Those who want to relax

Not everyone fancies competing with city traffic or tackling long journey after long journey behind the wheel, especially if it also comes after a long flight. Hiring a chauffeur gives these people the opportunity to relax and maybe even catch some much needed shut-eye as they travel.

It’s also a huge help to those who are recovering from surgery or illness, or elderly people, who would much prefer to relax in the back than spend hours behind the wheel, stressing about traffic and trying to follow satellite navigation system instructions.

Using a chauffeur service isn’t just about treating yourself; it’s often the most practical option for your travels. So the next time you’re deciding on travel arrangements, consider how much easier and enjoyable your trip would be just by hiring a chauffeur?