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What does the term ‘concierge’ mean to you? For many a concierge service is something people directly attribute to fancy hotels and resorts. While it’s certainly commonplace in both instances, it’s also possible to hire a concierge service for lots of different uses in other industries.

On that note; we’ve gathered your most frequently asked questions about concierge services and put together a quick guide detailing everything you need to know when it comes to hiring a personal concierge.

What is a Concierge Service?

A concierge service is a for-hire professional team who are on hand to run errands, provide security and offer a very safe, confidential, and highly personalised service. They aren’t just confined to hotels and resorts; concierges are available to meet you and run required errands in the airport, hospital or the office. Concierges are often hired by corporate chauffeurs to give their customers added value.

What Services does a Concierge Provide?

A concierge will aim to deliver on all of your specific requests and errands once they are legal, ethical and moral. Such duties include:

  • Acquiring tickets for events or shows
  • Transporting you to wherever you need to go and/or acting as your personal tour guide
  • Referring new business
  • Recommending and reserving tables at restaurants
  • Dropping off and/or picking up dry cleaning
  • Preparing a shopping list and doing your grocery shopping
  • Minding or caring for pets, booking grooming or veterinary appointments
  • Dropping off items or running errands for elderly friends or family
  • House sitting while you are away
  • Researching holiday destinations and booking trips
  • Planning and scheduling meetings or events and organising the invitations, food and decorations etc.

Why use a Concierge?

The number one reason why people hire a concierge is they simply don’t have enough time to do everything that they need to get done. If you have a busy lifestyle or a busy travel itinerary and still want to ensure certain things get done, a personal concierge service can prove very beneficial. A personal concierge can step in to help with day-to-day tasks when life proves exceptionally busy and you don’t have the time or money to hire a full time personal assistant. You can also relax in the know that you’ll be maximising your time whilst away on a trip or at an event as you’ll have one person who’ll fulfil the role of being your driver, tour guide, security personnel and your assistant.

Who uses Concierge Services?

Everyone! From corporate directors and single parents to tourists and the elderly, everyone can benefit from hiring a personal concierge. In today’s world, the majority of us are trying to juggle busy, fast-paced lifestyles that are demanding and sometimes stressful. Investing in yourself and maximising your time by hiring a concierge will allow you to truly make the most of your day and increase your productivity.