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Taking the time to find the best chauffeur service will always come with its rewards but it’s not something that everyone is prepared to do. Yes, it takes time to look online and make a list of all the good chauffeur services in an area, and yes it takes even longer to sift through their reviews, services, prices and unique selling points before shortlisting your options.

Whether you are booking a chauffeur service to transport you to the airport after a business trip to Ireland or looking to impress important clients when transferring them to their business meeting, the following list of questions is designed to make your research phase quicker and easier.

What’s the payment procedure?

Will you have to pay 100% of the cost upfront or is a deposit sufficient to make the booking? What’s the cancellation period and do they offer full refunds if cancelled before a certain date? Are there facilities to pay with card once the ride is over, and is the driver’s tip included in the quote that you’re given? What payment options do they offer?

How will I know my driver?

This one is especially important for business travellers that may be landing at an airport in a new country for the first time. You’ll need to know how you can identify your driver in a crowd.

Ask whether he/she will be wearing a branded uniform? Will your name be on a board or iPad as you come through arrivals? How and who do you contact should you, for any reason, have trouble locating your driver?

What type of vehicles do they use?

Asking this question can save you a lot of time if you’re looking for a specific make, model or colour of car. It is important to know what vehicles are being used to impress important business people. Black Mercedes may be the most impressive option, followed by BMWs.

This question might not be as high on the list if you’re a little more flexible in terms of the vehicle you want but it’s still important.

Are your cars in good condition?

Staying on the subject of vehicles, you should also ask whether the company is using old or newer vehicles. Enquire as to how often they’re serviced and dispatched. You don’t want to hire a chauffeured driven car only for it to break down on the way to a meeting, making you either miss or be late for the meeting.

Do they have insurance?

99.9% of companies will have the cost of insurance factored into your quote but it never hurts to ask just to be sure. You should also enquire about your responsibility should an accident take place.

>Whilst on the subject of insurance, ask whether the company is affiliated with any other third party accreditations or organisations as this may give you an insight into their reputation and professional background.

What about driver background checks?

The majority of companies also carry out in-depth screening checks to ensure all drivers have a clean drivers license with no previous criminal convictions but it’s always a good idea to ask these questions for added peace of mind, especially if you’re travelling solo. Some cars also come with trained first aid drivers who know how to use a defibrillator. This may be important if any passenger has any medical conditions.

These are all important questions to ask and their order of relevance will reflect your requirements for the booking so figure out what’s most significant to you and get questioning!