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If you’re just after arriving in Ireland for a business trip, you must get your chauffeur to drop you off at one of Dublin’s best restaurants for brunch. Whether you’re into super healthy meals, sweet treats, savoury snacks or even a tasty cocktail or mimosa; there really isn’t any other mealtime that will be better able to accommodate all your needs.

Dubliners have luckily caught on to this trend, and with a huge number of brunch spots opening up around the city; we really are spoilt for choice.

So if you find your stomach grumbling while taking a Sunday stroll, or you are simply craving your favourite brunch treat, then these are the top 10 brunch spots to check out while you’re in Dublin:

1. San Lorenzo’s

Unlike other Italian restaurants, San Lorenzo’s doesn’t rely on Grandmother’s pasta and pizza recipes to bring in the crowds (although these are also spectacular in this restaurant). It has become one of Dublin’s busiest brunch spots with their “Brunch of Champions” menu that has dishes that include eggs, caviar, champagne and Coco Pops French toast. Booking is a must.

2. Whitefriar Grill

If you are a lover of meat, then this should be your one stop shop for a delicious, carnivorous brunch. It’s also the best place to cure a hangover or get into the mood for a Saturday night out in Temple Bar. They have an in-house DJ, delicious cocktails and their menu consists of everything from the usual brunch suspects to lobster hash brownies, and rib-eye steaks.

3. Forest Avenue

Brunch like no other is found at Forest Avenue – make sure you come hungry. Their five-course brunch tasting menu is a crowd favourite. A small sweet starter, a dish of granola, a breakfast dish (eggs), a lunch dish with meat and a sweet pudding to finish it off; this is sure to get your day off to an excellent start whatever you’ve got planned.

4. Dillingers

This is a US styled restaurant, so patrons can expect US style portions. The usual brunch suspects are delicious along with awesome pancakes and nachos. It’s also got a wealth of strong and tasty cocktail options to take advantage of.

5. Herbstreet

The brunch menu at Herbstreet will delight vegetarians and meat lovers alike. From pancakes and baked eggs to porridge, eggs and steak, wild mushrooms on toast and Belgian waffles; there really is something for everyone here.

6. Coppinger Row

This incredible little spot has a varied menu that is filled with gourmet dishes. However, the real clincher is their dedication to making delicious and rather potent Bloody Mary’s. It’s the penultimate hangover brunch experience so arrive hungry and thirsty.

7. Brother Hubbard & Sister Sadie

These brother/sister restaurants serve up brunch with a difference, and it’s served all day! It has everything from guilt-free pancakes to Eastern-style egg dishes, and their chocolate scrolls are simply a must.

8. Lovely Food Company

If you aren’t starting your day with a hangover and would rather give yourself some brunch that’s healthy, delicious and nutritious, then this is your spot. With gluten free favourites, fruit smoothies and fruit salads, it’s a lovely way to start your day with a healthy kick.

9. Slice

Firstly, they have a breakfast in bed service. Secondly, they have an array of porridges like nowhere else and thirdly, their brunch cocktails and coffee services are second to none. They have a wide variety of great brunch dishes, and it’s little wonder that they have become such as hit on the weekends. We’ll say no more on this one.

10. Meet Me In The Morning Cafe

Taking its name from one of Bob Dylan’s biggest hits, this café is in the running for cooking up the BEST eggs in all of Dublin. They come served with green veg, yoghurt and paprika. This may sound like a strange combo but trust us; they are to die for. Complement your eggs with a cup of the black stuff (we’re talking coffee) and you’ll be ready for a day of exploring Dublin’s fair city.