Men’s Guide to Suits


There is a scene in the opening act of Hamlet, where Polonius is saying farewell to Laertes, which gave rise to the modern maxim that “clothes make the man.”

The essential meaning behind this saying is as true today as it was in Shakespearean times. While the way a man dresses is no true indication of his character, people still perceive that it is.

If you care about creating a good impression, a well-chosen suit can go a long way toward establishing a good reputation before you even utter a word.


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Tips for Having an Efficient Business Meeting


The workplace in most medium-to-large corporations is now a global one. It is not uncommon nowadays for people to fly across the world to attend a meeting, something that would have been rare just a decade or two ago. More often than not nowadays you don’t need to book a flight, rent a hotel and pay for a executive chauffeur you can just have virtual meetings

Clearly it’s important that business meetings should be conducted as efficiently as possible, so the meeting doesn’t disrupt travel plans or cause other inconveniences.

These tips will help you plan and conduct an efficient meeting.

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How to Get Into Airport Lounges

Airport lounges are the calm oasis amidst the busy storm of human traffic found inside most major airports around the world. Access to the lounge is usually offered as an incentive to purchase first or business class tickets. But what if you want the perks without the price? That’s the question this will answer.

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Why is Travelling for Business Important?

We live in an age where technology is so advanced that the need to business travel has massively decreased. Technology with the likes of Google Hangout, Slack, Skype and a host of other digital mediums has made it quite unnecessary. No longer do we have to travel to a different office, area, region, or country in order to conduct business. This can now all easily be achieved through a screen.

That said; there are certain things that just can’t be achieved with the use of technology and the need to travel for business is still very necessary for millions of businesses. Sometimes some of us need to get on the plane grab a chauffeur and get to the meeting.

Although you might see travel as an added expense, the following are some of the reasons why travelling for business is still super important in this digital age…

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6 Packing Tips for a Business Trip

The main characteristic of a business trip is that it’s usually short. That means you won’t normally need to take much when packing for this sort of trip. 

Many business travellers do, however, make at least one of two common mistakes. The first is bringing a lot of unnecessary business paraphernalia with them, and the second is overdoing it with pre-flight duty free purchases. Have no fear though as these mistakes, and some helpful advice, will be covered in the following list of tips to make light work of packing for your business trip.

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Top 10 Golf Courses in Ireland

Every executive knows that a good game of golf can relieve stress, invigorate health, and provide an excellent social environment for closing deals and making contacts.

If you’re travelling in Ireland on business, even if it’s just for a few days, get your chauffeur to bring you for a round (or two) of golf. Besides, where else than the “Emerald Isle” does it make more sense to get out on the greens? However, Ireland has a wide range of golf courses to choose from with some providing a much better game than others. Therefore, in this article, we’ll take a brief look at the top 10 courses in Ireland (in no particular order), to give you the best chance of making the right selection.

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Tips to Reduce Stress While Travelling

The modern business person leads a stressful life, and there are few things in life more stressful than travelling. All the usual pressures and challenges are amplified when you’re on the move, and the only thing that makes it bearable is the novelty of a change of scenery.

A smart business person is one who plans ahead with the goal of reducing the potential for stress while travelling. As you’d no doubt like to be included on the list of smartest businesspeople, let’s see what can be done to get your stress levels down when you’re travelling for work.

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Top 10 Brunch Spots in Dublin

If you’re just after arriving in Ireland for a business trip, you must get your chauffeur to drop you off at one of Dublin’s best restaurants for brunch. Whether you’re into super healthy meals, sweet treats, savoury snacks or even a tasty cocktail or mimosa; there really isn’t any other mealtime that will be better able to accommodate all your needs.

Dubliners have luckily caught on to this trend, and with a huge number of brunch spots opening up around the city; we really are spoilt for choice.

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Why use a Chauffeur Service instead of a Hiring a Car

When it comes to organising private transport for your next trip to Ireland, you’ll be faced with two main options – hiring a car and using a chauffeur service. Whilst having a rental car does have its merits for some people, using a chauffeur service in Ireland is perfectly suited to business travellers that want a more stress-free, reliable and stylish way of getting around.

If you’re torn between the two choices, the following are four reasons to consider hiring a chauffeur instead of a rental car on your next trip:

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What to Ask Before Booking a Chauffeur Service

Taking the time to find the best chauffeur service will always come with its rewards but it’s not something that everyone is prepared to do. Yes, it takes time to look online and make a list of all the good chauffeur services in an area, and yes it takes even longer to sift through their reviews, services, prices and unique selling points before shortlisting your options.

Whether you are booking a chauffeur service to transport you to the airport after a business trip to Ireland or looking to impress important clients when transferring them to their business meeting, the following list of questions is designed to make your research phase quicker and easier.

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